translation for change
Translation as a social change force
My utopia and I
My name is Valeryia Khotsina, and I'm fulfilling two dreams: to make the world better and progress as a translator and interpreter. I've been in translation for five years now. My working languages are English, Polish, Russian and Belarusian. Details about my education and experience are available in my LinkedIn profile or resume.

I'm interested in collaboration with people and organisations that help change this world for the better and work for the benefit of society. Therefore, I have extensive experience in working with NGOs and grassroots organisations. I specialise in translation of socio-political, environmental, human rights texts and sometimes write on these subjects myself. This is why I present my services as Translation for Change.

My political activism involves a lot of antirepressive work; I co-translated two books by Belarusian ex-political prisoners into English. Now I'm part of a publishing coop where I'm happy to work with texts that come in line with my political beliefs.

I like the work that brings me joy and a feeling of accomplishment instead of exhaustion. I prefer collaborating with people who see me not as a robot performing a particular task but as an equal partner and ally.

My thoughts on how translation is intertwined with my life and activism I am going to publish in my blog on Facebook (in Russian only for the moment).
What I offer
Texts, letters, articles, books, contracts, grant applications and reports, etc. Site localisations. Gender-neutral vocabulary on demand.
Editing of translations
Do you have doubts about the quality of a translated text? Do you need a fresh eye? I'll put your writing in a final shape.
Audiovisual translation
Translation of movies, video clips, podcasts. Includes transcription, translation and subtitling (also for hearing-impaired)
Video and audio transcription
Transcription of video and audio files in Russian, Belarusian and English. You might need it, for example, if you want to write a blog post based on a podcast.
Consecutive and wisper interpretation at meetings, talks, interviews, presentations. I have some experience in simultaneous interpretation (EN-RU) at informal activist gatherings.
Anything else?
Ask me; maybe I can do more.
I specialise in
Socio-political texts
Left-wing only, or with no specific political agenda.
Everything related to attempts to save our planet from the imminent disaster.
Crime and punishment. Human rights. Contracts and court decisions.
Contemporary Arts
Exhibition catalogues, explications, and related information
Benefits of working with me
You don't choose everything in life.
Some things chose you.
High proficiency in all working languages
Proven by certificates (diploma with honours) and experience
I can keep your counsel and encrypt data on my computer and online. I prefer secure communication channels
Awareness of political context, NGO and grassroots vocabulary
Instrumental in writing grant applications or describing conditions under which your organisation has to operate
Discounts for return customers, flexible payments
Some nice people
I got to work with
Do you want to work with me? Curious how long it takes and what it costs? Contact me via e-mail or in social networks. I'll try to reply as soon as possible. Phone number and other contacts are available upon request.
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